Airline passenger with MS tied to wheelchair with dirty blanket by Delta
Maria Saliagas in a photo shared by her family and a Delta stock image

A passenger flying out of Atlanta on Delta says she was tied to a wheelchair with a dirty blanket when airline employees could not find the kind of wheelchair she needed, Atlanta's WSBTV reports.

Maria Saliagas cannot sit up on her own. She travels to Europe every year with her husband, but this time suffered bruises because when she landed in Amsterdam the airline did not have the proper kind of wheelchair with straps and instead tied her to the chair with someone else's blanket.

“They took a dirty blanket and tied her forcefully with it and she has bruise marks on part of her arm because it was so tight and she started crying. That’s when that picture was taken,” said her son.

The airline attempted to make it up by offering them 20,000 miles, which they said was not acceptable. The airline provided this statement to the TV station.

“We regret the perception our service has left on these customers. We have reached out to them, not only to resolve their concerns, but also ensure that their return flight exceeds expectations.”

Watch a video from Atlanta's WSBTV below.