Former Ambassador Joe Wilson utilized harsh language during a MSNBC interview with Katy Tur on Friday.

It was Ambassador Wilson's first television interview since President Donald Trump pardoned Scooter Libby.

Libby had been convicted for his role in outing undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame, who is Ambassador Wilson's wife.

Anchor Katy Tur asked Ambassador Wilson about the future of Trump's policy in Iraq.

"He campaigned on Iraq being a bad idea," Tur noted. "Do you think that the advisors he has in place right now are going to change his mind on that sort of thing or he's going to change their mind on that sort of thing?"

"I don't think he actually has a mind," the ambassador replied. "I think he's basically very venal."

"He is looking to get himself through the next day and put as many f*cking dollars -- as many dollars -- into his bank account as he possibly can," Ambassador Wilson concluded. "I think this man is a danger to the United States of America.

"Ambassador Joe Wilson, thank you very much, we appreciate your time," Tur replied. "I'm sorry for the vulgarity right here."

"I apologize for the profanity," he said, "but these are serious times."