Anti-Black Lives Matter researcher blames ‘lack of socialization’ for ‘behavior disparities’ on Fox News
Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald.

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson hosted a controversial right-wing researcher who blamed "lack of socialization" by black students for racial disparities in education.

Heather Mac Donald authored the 2003 book Are Cops Racist? and the 2016 book The War on Cops.

"You may have noticed that American schools have been increasingly dysfunctional, many of them, some are getting more dangerous, but you may not know that a federal policy as part of the reason," Carlson claimed.

"Several years ago, the Obama administration ordered schools to eliminate racial gaps in school discipline," Carlson continued. "The Trump administration reportedly is planning to scrap that Obama era rule."

"Schools were warned by the Obama administration that they would lose federal funding, unless they got there suspension and expulsion rates down," Mac Donald claimed, referring to racial disparity gap. "So as you say, schools simply stopped imposing completely legitimate consequences on very serious forms of school disorder."

"It assumes, without even trying to prove, that there can be no behavioral disparities between black and white students," she argued. "If you look at crime rates, if you look at the fact that black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic male teens combined, it's not surprising that in the classroom classroom, the same lack of socialization that leads to those highly disproportionate rates of violent crime, is also affecting student behavior."

This is not the first time Mac Donald had raised eyebrows with her views on race and crime, as she was a prominent proponent of the so-called "Ferguson Effect."

"Mac Donald was the first to identify this effect, which she traces to anti-police rhetoric and then the resulting wariness of police to enforce the law and arrest lawbreakers," the National Review reported.

During the 2016 campaign, Mac Donald published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal titled "The Myth of the Racist Cop."