Black 7-year-old screams as a white teacher drags him off bus by his legs in shocking video
Mother of a young boy who was pulled off the school bus (screenshot from video)

A seven-year-old boy was dragged off a school bus in Memphis, Tennessee by a white male teacher. The incident took place at Robert R. Church Elementary School. The school failed to inform the mother about what went down. She found out days later, after another parent sent her the video.

"Another parent of a child at the school contacted me Friday evening. She said she had video of the teacher dragging my son off the school bus," she told FOX13 News. "Her son recorded it."

As a result the young boy left with injuries. "He had a concussion and his back was bruised," the mother said.

According to the school, the teacher was breaking up a fight. The boy's mother said he was not involved in it. The teacher has not been identified, and is on suspension while the investigation is under way.

A statement released by the school said: "We take any report involving student safety very seriously, and immediately reported this situation to the appropriate authorities. Per standard District procedure, this employee has been removed from the school while the matter is being investigated. "

Watch the incident unfold below.