CNN analyst brutally mocks lawyer Michael Cohen as Trump’s ‘Minister of Disgruntled Mistresses’
CNN legal Paul Callan -- screenshot

CNN analyst Paul Callan on Friday brutally mocked lawyer Michael Cohen for his role in paying off women who have allegedly had affairs with President Donald Trump.

In discussing Trump's declaration this week that he didn't know that Cohen had paid off adult film star Stormy Daniels in exchange for silence over their alleged affair, Callan said Trump was using his lawyer as something of a human shield.

"He's setting up the defense that Cohen was sort of his minister of disgruntled mistresses," he said. "In other words, he had his lawyer acting as an agent to go out and negotiate settlements with people who might cause problems for him, and he might have given him that general authority. Maybe he even said you can spend up to $130,000 to get rid of one of these problems legally, and Cohen is out doing this, because we know it happened in two cases."

Essentially, Callan believes that Trump could have his legal bases covered if he gave Cohen broad authority to negotiate on his behalf without having to know all the details about what he was negotiating. This, in turn, could make the nondisclosure agreement signed by Stormy Daniels legally binding despite the fact that Trump himself did not personally sign it.

Watch the video below.