CNN segment goes off-the-rails after Stormy Daniels' lawyer calls her former attorney an 'absolute tool'
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and attorney Michael Avenatti.

The telegenic new attorney representing Stormy Daniels in her legal battles with President Donald Trump slammed his predecessor as an "absolute tool" during a Wednesday interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Cooper asked Michael Avenatti about Keith Davidson, who represented Daniels during negotiations over her $130,000 non-disclosure agreement.

"Keith Davidson has said, though, that the whole story has not come out yet, that most of it has but some things haven't," Cooper noted. "He is bound by attorney-client privilege with Stormy Daniels, even though he no longer represents her. Some people have said, well, look, why don't you release -- or why doesn't Stormy Daniels agree to release Keith Davidson from the attorney-client privilege so that he can say whatever he wants to say?"

"Well, I mean that's certainly something we'll consider," Avenatti replied. "It's highly unusual, you know, I think if the president or Michael Cohen would waive their attorney-client privilege, we'd certainly be willing to do that."

"I've been very careful in what I've said about Keith Davidson, Anderson, over the last few weeks. But I'm going to say this, Keith Davidson is an absolute tool," Avenatti blasted. "He is an absolute tool."

"It's unethical and there's going to be serious consequences that result from it," he predicted. "I'm shocked."

"I think he's violated the attorney-client privilege for both clients," Avenatti continued. "I think he's violated numerous ethical canons."