CNN’s Chris Cuomo calls Trump’s bluff -- and dares him to pardon Michael Cohen today
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Screen cap).

CNN's Chris Cuomo on Monday called President Donald Trump's bluff and dared him to pardon his longtime attorney, Michael Cohen.

During a discussion about Trump's recent Twitter rants about the purported "witch hunt" being conducted against him, Cuomo pointed out that Trump could fix Cohen's problems with the flick of a pen by pardoning him of any wrongdoing.

"Hey, Mr. President, if you care so much about Michael Cohen and this is so unfair, pardon him today," he said. "Pardon him today. if it's so unfair, if it's so clear to you, pardon him today."

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said that, while Trump is certainly within his rights to pardon Cohen, such an action would likely generate fierce backlash, as no president has ever pardoned their own lawyer who's been accused of wrongdoing.

"It is an unprecedented act in American history to pardon a crony, one might say," he said.

"This is all unprecedented!" Cuomo responded.

Toobin then said that if Trump pardoned Cohen, "he would get an enormous amount of criticism including from Republicans" -- although he then reflected that "maybe he doesn't care" and would pardon him anyway.

"Will you get criticism? Sure," Cuomo acknowledged. "But since when does he care about that?"

Watch the video below.