CNN's Cooper takes on the 'symbiotic' relationship between Trump and Hannity: 'It's mutually beneficial'
CNN host Anderson Cooper.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday mocked Fox News for continuing to support Sean Hannity despite recent news about the host’s connections to Donald Trump and lawyer Michael Cohen.

“In the two days that have elapsed since the president’s lawyer Michael Cohen was forced to reveal in court that the mystery client he tried to keep secret was, in fact, Sean Hannity, the consequences have been swift,” Cooper began.

“Fox News did what any respectable news organization would do when faced with the knowledge that one of its anchors went on the air time after time after time to breathlessly report on someone without disclosing his own personal connection to the story,” he added.

“I’m kidding, they don't care,” Cooper continued. “They didn't care.”

The CNN read a Fox News statement indicating Hannity “continues to have our full support,” noting that a recent Washington Post report noted the host’s near-constant communication with the president.

“It’s fascinating, the symbiotic relationship,” Cooper said. “It’s mutually beneficial.”