Colbert mocks Trump's attacks on NYT's Haberman: 'The accurate reporting is coming from inside the White House!'
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

When reading President Donald Trump's weekend Twitter attacks on the New York Times' Maggie HabermanThe Late Show's Stephen Colbert pointed out that the president appears to once again be massaging the truth.

In his tweets, Trump said he doesn't speak and has nothing to do with Haberman.

"Hold on, have nothing to do with?" the host said. "Someone better call the Secret Service because here she is with Trump!"

He then displayed a photo of Haberman and Trump in the Oval Office. In the photo, the president is smiling, giving a thumbs up and putting his arm around the reporter.

"The accurate reporting is coming from inside the White House!" the host warned, playing on the "call is coming from inside the house" horror movie trope. "Get out of there!"

Watch below, via The Late Show.