Confederate flag fight leads to racist fliers targeting Mississippi NAACP official
Oregon-based white supremacist Lana Lokteff and Mississippi NAACP official Curly Clark/Screenshots

The president of a Mississippi chapter of the NAACP has been targeted by name in racist fliers circulated in the town of Ocean Springs, local TV station WLOX reports.

Curley Clark was named in the neon green fliers addressed to "all white people of Ocean Springs," which were stuck to homes, mailboxes and vehicles. It laid out a wild conspiracy for "ending the white race." The flier said that "interbreeding" and removal of Confederate monuments would be the way to do this.

The fliers directed people to a YouTube video made by Lana Lokteff, a white supremacist Russian-American based in Oregon.

The fliers also targeted "communists," "homosexuals" and "liberals."

[caption id="attachment_1257016" align="alignnone" width="271"] The racist flier left in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.[/caption]

Clark said that a fight over removing the state of Mississippi's flag, the last in the U.S. to include the Confederate battle flag's saltire, from the city was the source of the strife.

A group called Ocean Springs United is seeking to have the flg taken down in the city, which is more liberal than most of the state.

"Our state flag is emblematic of the hate and vitriol in those flyers. We, as a community, cannot stand in agreement with racists. Criticizing the message and sharing its symbol is hypocritical. Take the flag down," the group said.

The city's mayor called the flier-makers "racist cowards" and asked anyone with surveillance cameras in the area to check them for images that show who delivered the fliers.