Conservative Charlie Sykes: Trump’s only option in Mueller probe is to ‘fire investigators or come up with pardons’
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes warned that President Donald Trump may take extraordinary action to obstruct special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation as the probe closes in on the White House.

"People are going to jail for lying for -- and about -- the president's associates," Wallace reminded.

"Yeah, and the noose seems to be tightening around this inner circle," Sykes observed. "I think the president's penchant for surrounding himself with misfit toys and creating a climate of dishonesty, I think is coming back to haunt him."

"I'm really fascinated thinking about what a history of this period is going to look back on," he said. "You know, when we finally figure out all the pieces of this puzzle, all of the denials, you know, all of the attempts to cover this up, and to obstruct it, how that will look."

"The comments from the White House, denial from the various sycophants in the media, the obstruction by House Republicans in all of this," he continued. "We're getting a sense, this is getting very, very close to this campaign."

"If this was true that, that in fact, you had a conspiracy to undermine and interfere in the American democratic process that might have compromised the President of the United States," Sykes concluded. "I mean, this is stuff out of Homeland, this is stuff out of The Americans."

The the conservative, who hosts The Daily Standard podcast, said there may be a couple of aces in the hole.

"He has two trump cards, he can fire the investigator or he can come up with those pardons," he continued. "And I think, may be unconventional opinion, the closer it gets, the more likely this guy who is unchained might do one of those two things."