Creationist Ken Ham's brain melts down as he contemplates whether God created cancer
Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham appears in a YouTube video (Screenshot)

Creationist Ken Ham, the founder of the infamous Ark Encounter museum, issued a bizarre tweet on Monday in which he lashed out at Christians who believe that life has existed on Earth for millions -- and not merely thousands -- of years.

In explaining why all true Christians should believe that God created the world a mere 6,000 years ago despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Ham said that accepting such a narrative would be to blame God for the creation of diseases that he believes came about only after a talking snake tricked two people into eating an apple.

"Christians who believe the fossil record was laid down millions of years before man, are really accusing God of saying cancer & diseases are 'very good' Gen 1:31, as many diseases have been discovered in fossil bones supposedly millions of yrs old!" he wrote. "No, diseases came after sin."

Ham then posted screenshots of articles showing that scientists have found evidence of arthritis and cancer in dinosaur fossils. However, given that these same scientists also believe that dinosaurs existed 65 million years ago, it is unclear why Ham accepts their scientific findings about diseases in fossils.

See the whole tweet below.