'Crisis is upon us': GOP operative Rick Wilson slams Republican leadership for ignoring Trump's 'Watergate moment'
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

GOP media strategist Rick Wilson on Tuesday night slammed House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for ignoring President Donald Trump's latest attacks on the Justice Department in the wake of his attorney's FBI raid.

Referencing Trump's repeated insistence that special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation is a "witch hunt," Wilson warned that "the crisis is upon us."

"Right now, Ryan and McConnell are convinced this is another Trump bluff, an exercise in his game of media baiting," he wrote, noting that the Congressional GOP leaders are "wrong."

Both are "worried," Wilson continued, that their caucuses "won't push to protect Mueller." They're right to worry, he wrote, unless they take the highroad and "lead."

Ryan and McConnell, he continued, "fear Trump's tweets more than the judgment of history." In doing so, they miss that this is this president's "Watergate moment, the permanent scar, the brand that never fades."

To reverse Trump's course, Wilson said, GOP leadership need only follow some "simple" instructions that include passing legislation to protect Mueller and warning Trump that if he continues his attacks, he will be impeached.

"Have an agenda that isn't set by [Trump's] tweets," Wilson advised. "Distract him."

Nevertheless, Wilson tweeted that it's "not likely" that Ryan or McConnell will take such actions.

"Why bother?" he mused. "It's only the rule of law and the Republic at stake."