Dem lawmaker delivers brutal comeback to Sarah Sanders' complaint about his failure to work with Trump
Rep. Ruben Gallego (Screen cap).

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) appeared on CNN Thursday to hit back at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who on Wednesday called on him to work with President Donald Trump to fix border security problems.

When asked to respond to Sanders' statement, Gallego responded that there is no need for him to work with the president if the president is pushing bad policies.

"I'll gladly work with the president when his ideas aren't stupid and detrimental to the United States," he said. "Unfortunately, this is what this plan is. It was not planned out. It's using our National Guard troops, who are greatly trained. You're going to pull them out of their private lives to essentially go and solve a political problem."

Gallego didn't stop there, however, and went on to say that Trump's plan to send the National Guard to the border was a pitiful attempt to score points with his voter base.

"This is a failing presidency," he said bluntly. "Their ideas are failing. Now they're throwing red meat at the base by essentially sending troops to the border... This is what happens when you have a failing president and a bad administration."

Watch the video below.