Donald Trump Jr's estranged wife let him spend Easter with his family
Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr./Screenshot

Vanessa Trump is leaving her husband, Donald Trump Jr. but traveled with her estranged husband during the Easter holiday, Page Six reports.

Though the pair has refrained from taking cheap shots, Vanessa has hired a criminal defense attorney to help her part from the man who wanted to father a baby by his mistress and who is increasingly unhinged on Twitter.

Vanessa traveled to Mar-a- L ago, where she and Donald J. spent separate time with their kids. But they also went to the pool together to chat.

β€œDon Jr. and Vanessa were leaning over the wall, just the two of them, talking, while the kids were in the pool,” an observer said.

Vanessa was not the only woman who extended an olive branch to a Donald this weekend: It was also the first time Melania Trump spent with her husband since the Stormy Daniels interview aired.