Donald Trump’s campaign spent big bucks with Amazon -- despite his angry tweets
Image: Screen capture of CEO Jeff Bezos (Binary Option Evolution)

President Trump has been increasingly agitated about Amazon over the last few days, speaking angrily about the company on several occasions.

It's unclear whether this is because he genuinely doesn't understand that the U.S. Postal Service makes money off the company, or because his friends own failing shopping malls, or because he's just jealous of the success of the online retail giant owned by the richest man in human history.

But despite what Trump has said, he's also a very loyal customer of Amazon. In fact, CBS News uncovered documents that show that Trump's campaign spent $158,498.41 to buy office supplies during his campaign.

The average transaction for the campaign was $418.20. The largest splurge was $3,890 in one order.

And it didn't end after the 2016 election. The Donald J. Trump for President committee still shops with Amazon, spending $2,000 with the company last year, FEC records show.