Ex-GOP Rep explains how Dems will ease into impeachment after winning Congress in the midterms
David Jolly represented Florida in the United States Congress. (Photo: Screen capture)

A former Republican congressman from Florida laid out how Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will ease into impeachment following the 2018 midterm elections.

Former Congressman David Jolly (R-FL) explained his prediction to MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews on Tuesday.

"Should Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives in November, there's one word we might hear a lot of in the future, in fact, pretty soon: impeachment," Matthews noted.

"I do think, come January when the Democrats successfully take the House, you will see hearings within the House," Rep. Jolly suggested. "Not specifically about impeaching Donald Trump, but they'll bring scholars in to say what actions and behaviors would rise to the level of impeachment."

"Who's that smart?" Matthews interrupted. "Is this Jerry Nadler (D-NY), going to do this, on the House Judiciary Committee?"

"Of course," he answered. "They can have these scholars come in, to the Judiciary Committee and say 'this is what impeachment would look like' and Democrats can say 'we're not quite there yet,' but guess what -- all of us will be talking about it."

"You're a Republican, you don't know the culture of the Democratic Party," Matthews argued. "There's the Black Caucus, for example, and a lot of progressives who are not minorities. That group of people will be damn screaming for impeachment by next spring."

"How do you hold them back?" Matthews wondered.