Former Reagan ambassador blames Fox News for sowing 'chaos and incoherence' in Trump's foreign policy
Former Ambassador Tom Niles speaking before the Greenwich Retired Men's Association.

A former top American diplomat slammed Fox News for sowing "chaos" that prevents President Donald Trump from having a foreign policy, Greenwich Time reported Wednesday.

Tom Niles was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as Ambassador to Canada and by President George H.W. Bush as Ambassador to the European Union under and Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Canada.

“My perspective on foreign policy today. I could ask the question, 'Do we have a foreign policy today?'” Ambassador Niles suggested. "My answer to that question would be, 'No, we don't.'”

“Our foreign policy depends, at the top level at least, on what the president sees on Fox News in the morning and what gets his attention and obsession, or annoys him or whatever and which causes him to send out the familiar messages that he sends out,” Niles said. “What we have really is chaos and incoherence in the national security policy area.”

"The State Department and Foreign Service ... are gradually being destroyed," he concluded.


Ambassador Tom Niles' Perspectives on Foreign Policy Today from Greenwich Retired Men's Assoc. on Vimeo.