Fox News' Shep Smith scolds viewers for insisting they call Toronto truck attack 'terrorism': 'That's not our job'
Fox News host Shepard Smith (Screenshot)

Despite fitting the modus operandi of similar attacks claimed by the Islamic State and other extremist groups, Fox News' Shep Smith on Monday cautioned viewers to not be too quick to label today's deadly truck attack in Toronto terrorism.

"The reason is not yet known," Smith said of the still-developing story. "Twitter is alive with calls, and extraordinary ones, to declare this something. That is simply not the job of journalists. We are to report and provide context and perspective."

He reminded viewers that "if someone at some point gives us a motivation for this, we'll report it to you."

Until a motive is presented, Smith noted, "that is not our place." Indeed, many early reports included inaccurate information — and trolls regularly deploy false stories meant to defame minority groups in the wake of tragedies such as the truck attack in Toronto.

Watch below, via Fox News: