'Go ahead, be pissed': Oklahoma GOP lawmaker throws tantrum at protesting teachers on State House floor
Republican Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin McDugle berates teachers on Facebook Live (Screen cap).

Teachers across Oklahoma are protesting this week for both improved salaries and more funding for their classrooms -- and now one Republican state lawmaker has decided to put his foot down by having an angry tantrum against them on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Tulsa World reports that Republican Rep. Kevin McDugle on Tuesday posted a video of himself on social media that showed him angrily attacking Oklahoma teachers for their behavior this week, and he vowed to vote against any more funding for education.

"I'm not voting for another stinking measure when they're acting the way they're acting," McDugle said while on the floor of the Oklahoma House in a video posted on Facebook live. "You're losing support of people who supported you all year long. Now you're going to come here and act like this after you got a raise?"

McDugle closed out the video by telling the teachers to "go right ahead, be pissed at me if you want to."

Even though the Oklahoma legislature agreed this year to give public school teachers a raise for the first time in a decade, teachers say the pay raise is only one part of their complaints, as many say schools themselves are woefully underfunded. Among other things, teachers are complaining that their schools can only afford to stay open for four days a week, and they say they are often burdened with outdated textbooks, broken furniture, and large class sizes.

Watch the video of McDugle below.