'My God -- that's just ridiculous!': Republican smacked down after blaming Obama for Ronny 'Candyman' Jackson
A CNN panel discussing Dr. Ronny "Candyman" Jackson/Screenshot

Donald Trump threatened Sen. Jon Tester at his Michigan rally on Saturday night, saying that he could reveal things about the Democratic senator that would lead to him never getting elected again.

Carrie Sheffield, who is an editor for a conservative media watch organization, tried to blame Obama for not properly vetting this nominee.

Her point:if the "Candy Man" really was handing out pills without proper exams and engaged in drunken antics, why wasn't he thrown out of the White House by the former president?

CNN political commentator Joan Walsh was not having it.

"It's not the former administration's job to vett the current administrator's nominee, in any realm of reality," she said. "My God, Carrie, that's just ridiculous."

Watch the rest of the fiery discussion below.