GOP consultant launches hilarious 'South Park' parody targeting Mormon Church's tax-exempt status
"Salt Park" preview

A “South Park” parody by longtime Republican political consultant and prominent LGBTQ activist Fred Karger will target the Mormon Church’s tax-exempt status.

Karger, who’s spoken out against the LDS’ anti-LGBTQ policies for years, told the Salt Lake Tribune the parody “Salt Park” will “point out the vast wealth of the Mormon church.”

“People may be aware of the church’s ownership of City Creek Center, but not much beyond that,” Karger said. “That was an eye-opener for me when I started this, to see just how vast a business empire they have.”

Karger funded the five-episode animated series, which took about $12,000 and two to three weeks per episode. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Karger said the episodes are “noticeably clunkier and the jokes flatter than its inspiration, but that’s not really the point.” Instead, he hopes to show how the church abuses its tax-exempt status.

Karger said the impetus for launching the series was the church’s 2015 decision that forced LGBTQ members out of the church.

“Ever since Prop 8, people have encouraged me to go after their taxes, but I never felt comfortable enough to do it,” he told the Salt Lake Tribune.

“I thought I really needed to go after something that’s sacred to them, and that’s their tax status,” he added.

Watch the preview below: