GOP senator flails when CNN asks if he’ll back Trump in 2020 -- and calls it a ‘gotcha’ question
Ron johnson speaks to NBC (screen grab)

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Thursday refused to say if he would back President Donald Trump's reelection bid in 2020 when asked by CNN's Chris Cuomo -- and he tried to turn the tables back on Cuomo by saying he was playing "gotcha" journalism.

Noting a CNN report by Manu Raju that found Republicans were reluctant to give their full-throated endorsement to Trump despite the fact that he's already announced he'll seek reelection, Cuomo asked if Johnson wanted to break the mold and give Trump his backing for the 2020 campaign.

"It's way to early to talk about 2020," Johnson said.

"No it isn't!" Cuomo interjected. "Not to say that you support the guy, the president, who's the head of your party?"

"It could be a completely different world by 2020, we have a 2018 election first, look, I understand the kind of 'gotcha' question you're engaging in here," Johnson replied. "It's just way too early to be talking about it."

Cuomo, however, kept pressing.

"To [not] say that you back the head of your party that's currently president -- you don't think that's unusual?" he asked.

Johnson replied that his main goal at the moment was to help Trump "keep this nation more prosperous."

Watch the video below.