Hannity talked smack about Fox colleague Shep Smith to Trump at Mar-a-Lago — and he 'ate it up'
Shep Smith and Sean Hannity

While cavorting at Mar-a-Lago, Fox News host Sean Hannity reportedly denounced colleague Shep Smith to Donald Trump — and the president loved it.

Vanity Fair reported on the anecdote Thursday in an article about internal strife at Fox News, which was exemplified by citing Smith's Time magazine interview earlier this year where he criticized opinion hosts at the network.

"Hannity still hasn’t forgotten the remarks," the report read, noting that "Hannity was overheard trashing Smith to Trump" during a Mar-a-Lago visit last weekend.

"Hannity was denouncing Shep and Trump was eating it up," someone familiar with the conversation told Vanity Fair. When reached for comment, the Fox News host said the anecdote was "a total lie."