'He was iced out': New report details Michael Cohen's fall from fixer to feared snitch
Michael Cohen (CBS/screen grab)

Was the White House not big enough for Ivanka, Jared and Michael Cohen?

That's one allegation in a new in-depth Washington Post feature that details Cohen's evolution from trusted fixer to feared snitch.

According to the report, Cohen told Trump not to bring his daughter and son and law to Washinvgton. Meanwhile, they likewise opposed him.

Cohen never fully got over being left home in New York while his boss took off for Washington, D.C.

“Here was a guy who dedicated his life to Trump, who was sure he would be a top pick,” said one of WaPo's anonymous sources close to Trump. “He was iced out.”

The report also details how Cohen came into contact with Russian gangsters in Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn. The Soviet emigres were “tough kids,” and Cohen fell in with them, learning to speak their language “like a four year old."

The story also goes through Cohen's own business ventures and analyzes the financial strain on him as a result of owning Cohen taxi medallions, which are required to operate cabs in New York City, because of Uber and Lyft, which have shorn off about 80 percent of their value.

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