'I'd love to go pay her a visit': Tough-talking Tomi Lahren wants to confront California professor who bashed Barbara Bush
Tomi Lahren on Watters World/Screenshot

The Fresno State college professor who criticized Barbara Bush as "an amazing racist" who raised a war criminal in the hours after her death may get a visit from Tomi Lahren.

The Fox News contributor—who packs a pistol in her yoga pants and is on her mom's Obamacare in case she gets hurt in a skirmish—was offended by the worlds of Randa Jarrar, who tweeted that she was "happy the witch is dead."

The tenured Fresno State professor is being investigated, but maintains that she cannot be terminated for her speech.

But now she has to watch over her shoulder for Tomi.

"I'd love to go pay her a visit and see what she has to say outside the barriers of Twitter," Lahren said on Fox News Saturday night.

"What do you call those people, keyboard warriors?" asked host Jesse Watters

"It's disgusting, it's wrong, but she thinks she can get away with it because this is liberal college campus 101," Lahren said.

"This helps the president, and the movement," said Watters, of the tweets by a college professor in Fresno. "You see people like this and you say 'That's why I voted for Donald Trump!'"