'JFK would disagree': CNN’s Jim Acosta digs at Trump for saying ‘no one’s been tougher on Russia’ than him
President Donald Trump, following a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Following a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan, President Donald Trump returned to the microphones on Wednesday to answer a question on Russia that was shouted by CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

"There's been nobody tougher on Russia than President Donald Trump," the commander-in-chief claimed, while speaking of himself in the third-person.

"There has been nobody tougher than me," he claimed. "With the media, no matter what I did, it's never tough enough, because that's their narrative, but Russia will tell you there has been nobody tougher than Donald Trump."

"The president is insisting that no one has been tougher, no American leader has been tougher on Russia than he's been," CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer noted.

"That's right," Acosta replied. "I think Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy would probably disagree with that."

"That is just not really born out by the facts," he concluded.