John Kelly 'blew up' at Trump in the Oval Office, packed up his belongings and threatened to quit: report
Donald Trump and John Kelly. (Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley)

John Kelly, Trump's second White House Chief of Staff in just his second year in office, "blew up" at the president in the Oval Offie and almost quit, reports Axios.

The incident reportedly happened in late March, on a day with a light schedule when the president held a credentialing ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors.

According to the report, Kelly "blew up" at Trump and then left the office muttering that he was going to quit.

Kelly then "packed up some personal belongings," though it's unclear whether this is because he was actually quitting.

It was DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who talked him off the ledge.

Kelly has reportedly threatened to quit on numerous occasions.