John Oliver: 'Trump has descended so far into parody he's gone through the Earth's crust and come out the other side'
John Oliver (Photo: HBO Promotion)

John Oliver completely unloaded on President Donald Trump during Sunday's "Last Week Tonight."

In a recap of the week, Oliver was floored by the enormity of occurred over the last seven days. He began with the interview with FBI Director James Comey, who spoke to ABC's George Stephanopoulos. While the interview hadn't aired by the time Oliver taped the show, he talked about the teasers aired to entice Americans to watch.

One focused on the notorious (and alleged) "pee tape" that exists of Trump with Russian prostitutes in a hotel room in Moscow. Comey called the whole thing "weird."

"Yeah, James Comey thought that conversation was 'really weird,'" Oliver quoted said, "and I will remind you that this is a man who has seen Anthony Weiner's emails."

Comey, however, was just the end to a week of absolute insanity that Oliver referred to as a "ludicrously dramatic week." It began with the FBI raid on Trump's attorney Michael Cohen. Oliver noted that Cohen had apparently been the "fixer" for more than just Trump when it came to Playboy models and relationships with adult film stars. A Republican Party official that has since resigned, was caught having Cohen pay off a Playboy model the RNC's deputy finance chairman Elliot Broidy, who impregnated after an affair.

Oliver noted that Paul Ryan announced his retirement this week, Trump pardoned Scooter Libby and it was revealed The National Enquirer paid off Trump's former doorman who alleged Trump fathered a secret lovechild in the 1980s with a housekeeper.

"Oh, and on Friday night, we bombed Syria," Oliver said, breathless. He explained that some question whether or not Trump has the Constitutional authority to do it to begin with. It was an issue that former President Barack Obama sought to do something similar but tried to go the Constitutional route and get Congress to authorize it.

Where Trump made it into an epic failure, however, was announcing everything was over.

"Don't worry on that front, because Trump has already declared 'Mission Accomplished!'" Oliver Continued. When the world mocked him mercilessly about using George W. Bush's notorious phrase about the Iraq war, Trump doubled down.

"It does not fill you with confidence to have a president who announces, 'I know I'm repeating one of the most notorious political blunders in recent history, I meant to do it, everyone should do it, and I'm going to do it again, forever,'" Oliver only partially quoted. "I've got to say, if Trump's intention was to descend so far into self-parody that he somehow burrowed though the Earth's crust and came out the other side, mission f*cking accomplished." Even Bush's former communications director Ari Fleischer tweeted his recommendation to not use those words.

It was an intense week. Watch Oliver's wrap up below: