‘Leave Mueller alone’: GOP's Joe Walsh begs Trump to 'turn off Fox News' and ignore advice to fire special counsel
Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL). Image via screengrab.

Conservative commentator and former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh on Monday implored President Donald Trump not to listen to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and fire anyone from the Justice Department over the FBI raid of his attorney Michael Cohen.

"If Trump fires Robert Mueller, his Presidency would be over," Walsh tweeted. "I know Trump is really angry tonight, but no man is above the law.

"The irony," he mused, is that "today's raid probably has nothing to do with Robert Mueller or the Russia investigation."

After noting that the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York — the man who authorized the raid — is backed by the White House, Walsh then moved on to Dobbs' call for the president to fire Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

"The absolute, without a doubt, 100% guaranteed worst thing Trump could do right now is listen to @LouDobbs & all his other sycophants at @FoxNews, and fire Bob Mueller," Walsh wrote. "The best thing Trump could do right now is turn off Fox News."

"President Trump," he concluded, "please leave Jeff Sessions alone. Leave Rod Rosenstein alone. Leave Robert Mueller alone. Leave the investigation alone. Do your job as President."