Loyal wife of Missouri Republican governor launches accusations at ex who exposed husband's affair and alleged blackmail
The Greitens family/Screenshot

Sheena Greitens, the loyal wife of Missouri's embattled Republican governor, has alleged that the ex-husband of her husband's alleged victim "cyber stalked" her in a letter to investigators.

The ex-husband is the man who originally revealed the affair and the alleged blackmail, which involved the governor taking a nude photo of the woman without her consent.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, Sheena Greitens alleged that the man "put real effort into this,” and detailed his efforts to reach out to her about her husband's infidelity by calling him a "home wrecker" and how she ignored his communication.

“When I didn’t respond to his anonymous emails, he sent me a letter,” she wrote. “When a letter to me didn’t produce the desired response, he contacted my parents. When letters didn’t satisfy him, he made his accusations public on Twitter."

Sheena Greitens then attacked the man for documenting her husband's alleged misconduct.

"Finally, when targeting our family on social media didn’t fulfill his agenda, he secretly recorded his wife admitting to the affair and began shopping the audio tape to news outlets," she wrote.

Greitens was an "outsider" candidate with no political experience.

Sheena, however, is a political science professor.

Eric Greitens is facing a first-degree felony charge.