Megyn Kelly uses Tom Brokaw sex misconduct allegations to slam Hillary for saying accusers must be believed
Megyn Kelly appears on NBC (screen grab)

NBC host Megyn Kelly on Monday suggested that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was partially at fault after NBC contributor Tom Brokaw was accused of sexual misconduct.

On her Monday Today Show program, Kelly noted that Brokaw had vehemently denied allegations that he groped and tried to forcibly kiss Linda Vester, a former NBC employee.

"It's good to remind people that in this #MeToo movement, you have this umbrella of allegations that fall within it," NBC correspondent Stephanie Gosk told Kelly. "And they go everywhere from first degree rape all the way to the allegations. And it's a reminder for everyone, as you sit here and try to go through all of this and come up with your own opinion on it, each case is different and should be considered on a case by case basis."

Kelly suggested that Clinton was partially to blame because she said that all women accusers should be believed except those who accused her husband of sexual misconduct.

"That's the thing," Kelly explained. "You know, back during the presidential race, Hillary Clinton came out and said, I believe every accuser should be believed -- like, except those accusing her husband."

The quip earned Kelly a mix of laughter and groans from the audience.

"That shouldn't be the rule in that case or any case," Kelly added. "Men are entitled to due process, and the women are entitled to be heard and to a full fledged investigation."

Watch the video below from NBC.