‘Michael Cohen right now is radioactive’: Stormy Daniels’ attorney shreds ‘flat out stupid’ Trump fixer
Joy Reid interviews Michael Avenatti on 'AM Joy'

The attorney for adult film performer Stormy Daniels blasted Donald Trump counselor Michael Cohen as being "radioactive" during a Saturday appearance on MSNBC's AM Joy.

"So CNN reports that the FBI has seized recordings between Michael Cohen and the former attorney for your client," host Joy Reid noted. "What does that mean to your case and/or the federal case?"

"It's pretty outrageous you have an attorney that is engaged potentially in illegal recording of conversations," Avenatti argued. "Not only that, it's stupid."

"It's just flat out stupid," he continued. "I mean, I am constantly amazed with each passing day of the lack of intelligence that has been demonstrated by this man, this attorney, Michael Cohen."

"I'm more amazed that this is the guy that the President of the United States would pick as his fixer," he added.

The attorney also made a prediction about the number of women covered by NDAs.

"I am confident that we're not talking about two or three or five or seven different women, we're going to get well into the double digits when it's all said and done," he predicted. "And I'm confident that the documents that have been obtained by the FBI, in connection with these raids, are going to show a lot of women."

"Michael Cohen right now is radioactive," he observed. "Anybody who had any contact with him -- on anything that was not 100 percent above board -- at this point in time, this morning, should be very, very nervous."

"Because what we learned in court yesterday, Joy, was that according to his lawyers, we're talking about documents that may span 30 years, that were obtained by the FBI in connection with these raids," Avenatti explained. "They describe the documents as thousands, if not millions, of pages of documents subject to the attorney/client privilege, including audio recordings."

"This is going to get very, very bad for Michael Cohen," he concluded.