'Michael Cohen would have to be the worst lawyer in the history of the world': MSNBC panel explodes when discussing Stormy Daniels payoff
MSNBC panelists react to Michael Cohen's story/Screenshot

Did Donald Trump know that his personal lawyer and "fixer" was writing a check to Stormy Daniels?

MSNBC's Yasmin Vossoughian hosted a panel that discussed Michael Cohen's hush-money payoff—which Cohen currently claims he did on his own without Trump's knowledge.

Republicans are claiming that Cohen was a rogue actor who broke campaign finance laws on his own.

"This could also be something that Michael Cohen did, acting alone," said Republican specialist Noelle Kikpour.

"This is a president who weighs in on every single thing that goes on in his White House, publicly or privately," said Vossoughian. "Sometimes he lets the cat out of the bag before the cat's actually out of the bag, yet you think that he literally did not have a conversation with Michael Cohen over the payoff of a porn star that he allegedly had relations with?"

"In my opinion, Michael Cohen took this into his own hands," Kikpour said. "Saying, 'I'm going to handle this and make this go away.'"

Other panelists pointed out that if you don't run big decisions by the candidate you tend to get fired in disgrace. Elie Mystal was not buying this story.

"If Michael you take what Michael Cohen says at face value and believe that everything he says as true then we have shown that Michael Cohen is the worst lawyer in the history of the world," he said. "He would have to be the worst lawyer in the history of the world—and, you know what, you go to jail for that."