Wisconsin man who blew himself up building a bomb kept a stash of white supremacist literature
Benjamin D. Morrow, who blew himself up, in Wisconsin, had a trove of white supremacist literature/Screenshot

White supremacist literature was found in the home of a Wisconsin man who blew himself up, the Associated Press reports.

Beaver Dam resident Benjamin Morrow was killed when his apartment blew up. Inside, rescue workers found a "homemade explosives laboratory" where he made the explosive out of peroxide.

A newly uncovered search warrant for electronic records says that Morrow had documents "concerning white supremacy groups." He also had two rifles, a scope, a handgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a bullet-proof helmet and vest.

According to his loving obituary, Morrow was a devoted Baptist educated at a Christian college in Pensacola, Florida. Before blowing himself up with a homemade bomb, he worked for a pharmaceutical company and a food producer.

As a result of Morrow's use of dangerous toxic materials, authorities had to blow up the building where he lived. The 10 other families living there were thankfully unharmed but have lost their home.