Missouri students file police report after right-wing school board candidate's husband comes after them
Students tangle with Eric Ames, husband of school board candidate (Photo: Screen capture)

Students in the Parkway School District filed a police report against the husband of a woman running for the school board.

According to KPLR11 News, the students were protesting candidate Jeanie Ames and accusing her of hate speech and racism for sending anti-Islamic tweets.

"He came over and was about spitting distance away from my face and was yelling at us and he called us idiots and said we were effing despicable," said Hannah Maurer, a senior at Central High School.

Ames denies the incident happened. Her husband Eric does not, however. Instead, he said that he was just being stern.

"I told them I thought they were despicable for doing what they are doing," he said. "I walked up to them and told them in a stern voice I said I just dropped off my son and he had to walk by you three idiots with your signs calling his mother a racist, how does that make him feel?"

He said to FOX 2 that he wasn't threatening and he didn't get in anyone's face, but confessed that he was upset. He alleges the three students turned their signs toward his son as he walked into the building. But the protesters said that they didn't even see the boy walk by them.

"He came in and he got really close to our faces and he called us F-ing despicable and he was spitting and he got so close to us that I was like physically scared and started crying I was so uncomfortable," student Mali Seigel said.

Ames said that he regrets if he upset anyone but he doesn't regret what he did and reiterated he never got in anyone's face.

Mrs. Ames posted a tweet with a photo of the teens, calling them "loonies," citing political correctness and blaming adults for indoctrinating them. She has since deleted her Twitter account.

"When ANYONE [sic] not allowed to refer to my family in a tongue-and-cheek manner,that is no longer political correctness," she tweeted with a photo of the students. "It’s intolerance. You have neither the the right,nor the power to decide how someone acknowledges their own family heritage. In this case,you also lack knowledge."

"My son had to walk by these loonies this morning...he laughed. Bless their heart," she followed in the since-deleted tweet.

Watch the full report below: