MSNBC legal analysts blast 'President Snowflake' Trump: He's 'triggered' by Stormy Daniels and her lawyer
President Donald Trump and adult actress Stormy Daniels, in a 2006 Myspace photo.

According to one leading legal review editor, Donald Trump is so easily "triggered," he may be forced to face his former mistress Stormy Daniels in court.

When discussing Daniels' new defamation lawsuit that she brought after the president accused his former mistress on Twitter of lying about being intimidated by a man she believes works for him, Above the Law's Elie Mystal told MSNBC's Chris Hayes his legal advice for the president is simple: stop tweeting.

"Just stop, man," Mystal said. "There is nothing good that happens to him legally on Twitter."

"Donald Trump going to learn today if he so much as thinks about Stormy Daniels, [her attorney] Michael Avenatti is prepared to sue his brain stem," the website's top editor told Hayes. "Trump thinks that he can kind of say anything about anybody to anybody. And Michael Avenatti is doggedly pursuing him at every opportunity."

Mystal later noted that given Trump's history of ignoring legal advice, it's no surprise he's played into Avenatti's attempts to force him into a deposition.

"We're talking about president snowflake here," the legal analyst said. "He is easily triggered."

Watch below via MSNBC: