MSNBC panel goes deep down the rabbit hole with ‘very sophisticated’ references to The Godfather
MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews and Al Pacino portraying Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather' -- composite image.

PBS Newshour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor went in-depth using the 1972 Academy Award winning film The Godfather to explain the latest White House upheaval.

Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball, listed many of the scandals surrounding EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

"Yamiche, are you a Godfather fan?" Matthews asked.

The host suggested Pruitt was like the character Fredo Corleone, the older brother of Michael Corleone, the Don.

"You're gone from here, going out in the boat saying your Hail Marys," Matthews says, referring to a scene in The Godfather II when Fredo is murdered for betraying the family.

Alcindor took the imagery further, bringing the character Tom Hagan into the analogy. Hagan served as consigliere to the Don.

"Except Tom is telling Michael to kill Fredo -- and he's not doing it," Alcindor replied.

"To explain that for the people who haven't watched The Godfather," she began. The fact the president is defying John Kelly reportedly telling him to fire..."

"I like The Godfather references," Matthews interjected. "They're very sophisticated."

"I think Scott Pruitt has a lot to worry about," Alcindor continued. "If he does another interview like Fox News and comes looking that crazy again, the president is not going to have him much longer."