Travis Jeffrey Reinking, the 29-year-old man who allegedly murdered four people at a Waffle House in Tennessee over the weekend, has been arrested and is now in custody.

Via NBC News, news of Reinking's arrest was announced on Monday afternoon by the Metro Nashville Police.

Police have been searching for Reinking since early Sunday morning, when witnesses say he entered a Waffle House and began firing at people sitting inside. Although Reinking fatally shot four people while wounding two others, he was stopped from killing more when James Shaw Jr., an unarmed 29-year-old man in the Waffle House, charged at him, took away his AR-15-style rifle and threw it away.

Police had been searching for Reinking ever since he fled the scene of the shooting, and before his arrest on Monday, the last credible sighting of the suspect came on Sunday at the apartment complex where he lived.