'Pair him up with the Flat Earth Society': CNN panel hammers Trump for his lie-filled West Virginia speech

A CNN panel on Friday blasted President Donald Trump for telling bald-faced lies about Central American migrants supposedly "raping" women "at levels that nobody has ever seen before."

After playing a clip of Trump calling the migrants rapists, CNN's Alisyn Camerota noted that a Buzzfeed reporter who has been traveling with them has said that he's heard precisely zero reports of women getting raped as they travel through Mexico toward the United States.

Co-host David Gregory then pointed out that a lot of people traveling with the migrants were women with children who were seeking asylum because they were fleeing abusive situations in their home countries.

Panelist John Avlon said that Trump's rhetoric about the migrants was very simply a play to his base to make them think he's being "tough" on refugees.

"The urgency around this is political," he said. "He plays the fear card rather than dealing with the facts."

Camerota then nailed Trump for once again lying about "illegal" voters helping Hillary Clinton win the popular vote in 2016 -- and she pointed out that this theory has been debunked multiple times, including by Republican secretaries of state.

"I want to pair him up with the Flat Earth Society," said panelist Brian Karem. "Together, perhaps, they'll come up with something."

Watch the video below.