Parkland survivor David Hogg hits Bill O'Reilly's boycott conspiracy: 'I don't see shadowy figures behind me'
Parkland survivor David Hogg

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on Monday hit back against Bill O’Reilly after the onetime Fox News anchor claimed the boycott of host Laura Ingraham is “being directed by powerful shadowy radical groups” who want her off-air.

Asked to respond to O’Reilly’s assessment, Hogg said, “Thanks for seeing me as so powerful.”

“I’m pretty well lit, I don't see shadowy figures behind me,” he quipped.

“When Bill says these things and when Laura says these things, I’m fine when they disagree with my policies, that's okay,” Hogg continued. “What I have a problem with is when they attack me or anybody else personally, why? What does that accomplish? It doesn't make sense. I don't have any shadowy figures behind me. I’m just a kid that uses Twitter. If he sees me as powerful, that's okay. “

Hogg said he and his fellow survivors are “trying to use our First Amendment rights, and so is corporate America.”

“If he stands against that, that’s find, but they’re standing with us and we’re going to stand with them too,” Hogg said.

Hogg was asked about a photoshopped image of fellow Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez, that featured a fake photo of the outspoken gun control advocate ripping up a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

“I think it’s kind of ironic that many of the people creating this content are saying there's so much fake news out there when they're the ones that perpetrate and create it,” Higg said. “It's disgusting and dangerous to our democracy. It's wrong. We're kids that are just trying to save lives.”

Hogg later addressed O’Reilly directly, digging the Fox News host over the advertiser boycott of his own show, which ostensibly led to his ouster from the network.

“Corporate america is on the side of justice,” Hogg said. “You, with the sexual harassment—they stood with the victims of that to ensure that nobody else would have to suffer through that. They're trying to stand with us too to prevent the bullying we've seen. I don't want this to be about the negativity of the situation. I want this to be Americans discussing it with each other.”

“When people continue to try to divide us and distract from the mission here—which is saving kids' lives—because they're attacking us on a personal level,” Hogg continued. “I’m okay with people criticizing our policies. I'm not okay with them attacking me and my friends who are survivors of a mass murder on a personal level. What does that accomplish?”