The Pentagon considers launching an internal investigation into claims Ronny Jackson was drunk at work
Dr. Ronny Jackson, White House photo by Pete Souza.

A Pentagon spokesperson told the Washington Post the department is weighing whether they should investigate accusations leveled against the president's personal physician Ronny Jackson, including that he was drunk at work and fostered a "hostile" work environment.

According to Defense Department spokesperson Tom Crosson, the Pentagon's inspector general "is assessing what investigations and reviews have already been conducted related to these issues, any jurisdictional issues that may relate to the allegations, and the scope of the allegations and complaints related to these issues."

The Pentagon's announcement came after more than a week of scandal surrounding rear Adm. Jackson after unconfirmed allegations emerged about his reportedly improper work conduct. The accusations eventually led Jackson to withdraw his nomination for the head of the Veteran's Affairs department, and although one White House spokesperson said Sunday that he was no longer President Donald Trump's personal physician, deputy press secretary Raj Shah denied the comments soon after.

"Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is currently on active duty, assigned to the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President," Shah told the Post. "Despite published reports, there are no personnel announcements at this time."