'People are really excited': Fox News reporter claims Syrians 'want more' and US would be greeted as liberators
Shots of Syria and Hollie McKay, who identified herself as being in Syria/Screenshot

How do Syrians feel about Donald Trump's "Operation Desert Stormy" missile attack on Syria?

They love it, says Hollie McKay, a Fox News correspondent who said she's on the scene.

"There's been so much anticipation all week," she says. "So many people have expressed excitement, they're sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens next."

Fox's McKay identified herself as being in the north of the country, and said that people near her are "overwhelmed with excitement that the U.S. was engaged in Syria."

We would be greeted as liberators, in her telling.

"People have really underestimated how much a lot of the Syrian people really value having the U.S. presence there," she said.

Syrians want the United States to drop more bombs, McKay claimed.

"People are really excited and waiting to see what happens next," she said. "They're hoping for more. They're hoping for something bigger and larger."

McKay has also reported that Syrians are circulating fliers professing their love of Donald Trump.

Watch her interview on Fox News below.