'In public he did nothing': MSNBC's Kasie Hunt makes a lowlight reel of Paul Ryan's appeasement of Trump
Paul Ryan and Donald Trump/Screenshots

This week House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he will retire after 20 years in congress.

Ryan, who rose to prominence as Mitt Romney's running mate, leaves with his reputation tied closely to Trump—a man he vowed not to defend, and then proceeded to defend tirelessly.

MSNBC's Kasie Hunt put together a series of clips where Ryan defended Trump from the same type of allegations that led him to turn on Roy Moore, and where he refused to name the president while criticizing his comments after Charlottesville.

"When Donald Trump won the White House, against all odds, Republicans who were left without a country hoped Ryan would be the voice of reason, of decency when there seems to be no decency left," Hunt said. "And Paul Ryan let them all down."

Watch the lowlight reel of Ryan defending and equivocating below.