Because regular bullet-proof vests are 'impractical' this Seattle startup is now pushing a bullet-proof stadium chair
The Prydwen, a new bullet-proof stadium chair/Screenshot

With national gun control laws not likely to change until at least after the November election, a start-up is now selling a bullet-proof stadium chair.

Seattle-based Practical Protection says normal bullet-proof vests are "impractical" for average people, and that they have solved this problem with "the world's first portable outdoor seat that transforms within seconds into a top-caliber bulletproof vest."

"In today's world, being prepared for a worst-case scenario can comfort, safety and piece of mind," says founder Aaron Ansel. "They're never going to work if you don't have them with you. The challenge is that most bullet-proof vests are designed with a single use-case in mind, and they don't typically serve any other purpose. In short, they're impractical."

[caption id="attachment_1246911" align="alignnone" width="507"] The Prydwen comes in many different colors/Screenshot[/caption]

The chair, called the Prydwen, costs $100 and weighs five pounds. In the event of a mass shooting, in the event of a mass shooting, you unlock the quick-release buckles and place it over your head.

The high tech plastic fabric it's made from can protect you from bullets up to a .44 magnum from any distance.

The vest includes a fitted insert for a rear-facing ballistic plate that can stop AR-15 fire.

The company thinks they may be useful in schools. Which is at least as practical as giving kids buckets of rockets to fend off shooters armed with AR-15s.

Watch the company's promo video below.