'She was repelled by him': CNN's Anderson Cooper praises Barbara Bush as the 'antithesis' of Donald Trump
CNN's Anderson Cooper (Screengrab)

Responding to the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, CNN panelists and host Anderson Cooper commemorated her life of service to the United States as being "antithetical" to that of President Donald Trump's.

"The list of adjectives that we have heard describe [her]: public service-oriented, the honesty, decency. What about the contrast to our current president?" CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said. "I mean, this family, whatever else you think of the Bushes, were a family that was just wall-to-wall decent, good to people, considerate of others."

"I'm sorry, I just keep thinking of Donald Trump in the White House who has none of the qualities that the Bushes had," he continued. "And I think it's just a sign of how different this country is now than it was not that many years ago."

Cooper noted that it makes sense that former First Lady Bush, who in February 2016 said she was "sick" of then-candidate Trump and his treatment of women, was "repelled" by the 45th president.

"Whatever you think of either of them," the host said, "he is antithetical to all of the values she grew up believing in and lived her life by."

"We're talking about someone from a different time and era," CNN commentator Ryan Lizza said. "This is someone who during World War II volunteered at a nuts and bolts factory, right?" 

"George Herbert Walker Bush didn't invent bone spurs that you can't remember which foot they were on to get out of fighting," Toobin concluded. "Instead, he was a hero."

Watch below, via CNN: