Republican candidate's shotgun-toting ad backfires in Atlanta: 'We are gun owners and we are outraged'
Brian Kemp new ad. (Screenshot from video)

Some Atlanta voters are not fans of gubernatorial candidate, Brian Kemp’s,  new political ad, reports 11 Alive News.

Kemp's new gun ad is an attempt to secure votes from gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters.

In the commercial titled "Jake," Kemp is seen holding a rifle while quizzing a young boy who wants to date his daughter.

In the ad Kemp asked Jake what he would need in order to date his daughter. Jake response, “a healthy appreciation for the second amendment.”

In response viewers have said:

“I am a conservative who believes in the 2nd amendment but this commercial makes me want to vote for the other side.”

"Just saw Brian Kemp's newest campaign ad three times in a row. STOP SHOWING IT!"

“Holy cow, are we in the Wild West and propagating a gun culture?”

While Kemp might have thought his ad would win people over it might actually cost him the race. A report released by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows that more Georgia voters are looking for stricter gun control laws and restrictions.

Watch the full ad below: