Republican Thomas Massie fumes over Macron speech – then distorts what he said to Congress
U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie

A Republican congressman denounced French President Emmanuel Macron as a "science-alarmist" after the world leader delivered a speech to Congress on Wednesday.

Following Macron's speech, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted: "French President is a socialist militarist globalist science-alarmist... the dark future of the American Democratic Party."

When another Twitter user called the tweet untruthful, the congressman added: "'I will advocate for militarism in front of the Congress,' Macron said."

However, Macron said he would advocate for multilateralism -- not militarism.

Massie's office indicated to Raw Story that the militarism quote came from media reports about Macron's interview on "Fox News Sunday," which had inaccurately transcribed the French president.