RNC chair stammers after CNN asks 'what's been going on' with Michael Cohen and the finance committee
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel (CNN/Screenshot)

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel struggled to find the right words when asked "what's been going on" with the Republican finance committee and if President Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen is still a top member of the RNC's finance leadership team.

On CNN she was asked what is going on with the RNC finance team. The finance chair, Steve Wynn, was forced to resign over dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct. Elliot Broidy was forced to resign after admitting to paying a Playboy Playmate $1.6 million and insisting she have an abortion after impregnating her. And Michael Cohen, a Deputy Finance Vice Chair, is now under serious criminal investigation.

"What does this all say about the culture at the RNC?" Alisyn Camerota asked McDaniel.

"Well... I think... you're calling three cases – Elliot and Steve resigned," McDaniel stuttered and stammered. "Obviously, the charges were troubling, we made sure to take swift action,' she claimed. (Wynn did not step down immediately and McDaniel has steadfastly refused to return the millions he gave to the RNC and GOP candidates.)

"I am the key fundraiser, along with the president," she revealed.

McDaniel went on to point the finger at Democrats, saying "both sides" have people who have committed sexual misconduct. But the DNC's top finance leaders have not.

"But you know that Alisyn, it's across party lines. Look at that," she demanded.

"Is Michael Cohen still a part of the finance committee?" Camerota pressed.

McDaniel says that Cohen retains his position as National Deputy Finance Chairman.

"Michael Cohen has not been charged with anything, he's under investigation," she said. "I believe in due process, I'm sure you do too," McDaniel, who said the same during the Steve Wynn scandal, responded.

"We'll see what happens," she said, admitting that "he is distracted."

Ultimately, she admitted Cohen is still part of the RNC finance team.