Roger Stone predicted 'devastating' anti-Hillary leaks on same day he boasted of Assange dinner
Roger Stone speaks to a reporter at LAX (Screen capture)

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone predicted in August 2016 that WikiLeaks would soon release "devastating" information about then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the same day that he bragged to a former Trump campaign aide about having dinner with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

CNN reports that Stone went on Alex Jones' "InfoWars" radio show on August 4, 2016, where he said that Assange would soon reveal critical information about the Clinton Foundation that would wreck Clinton's bid for the presidency.

"The Clinton campaign narrative that the Russians favor Donald Trump and the Russians are leaking this information, this is inoculation because, as you said earlier, they know what is coming and it is devastating," Stone said to Jones. "Let's remember that their defense to all the Clinton Foundation scandals is not that 'we didn't do,' but 'you have no proof, yes but you have no proof.' I think Julian Assange has that proof and I think he is going to furnish it for the American people."

This interview came on the same day that Stone told former Trump aide Sam Nunberg that he "dined with" Assange the night before, although Stone has maintained that he had only been "joking" about meeting the WikiLeaks cofounder, and he has repeatedly said that he never had any contacts with the WikiLeaks founder.